VHSF Grants Coordinator, Sharon Shastid, announced this week that VHSF had been awarded the $25K Veterans Program Team Depot Grant through the Home Depot Foundation. This grant comes in the form of $25K worth of Home Depot Gift Cards that must be used on the project outlined in the grant request. VHSF, was nominated by the local area Home Depot store managers and submitted a grant request in July. The request described our plan to install official trail heads in the park allowing better access to the trails and through the park itself. Currently the five trail heads consist of a 4×4 post with the trail name printed on it.  VHSF will be installing Pergola’s, Trail Information Kiosks, benches and trash cans at each trail head.  There will also be new, sixth, trail head installed at the JB Owen Overlook, where the new Big Bender trail will be installed after the memorial has been constructed.